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Arts & Culture - Website DirectoryThis category of the MWCC website directory contains arts and culture links ranging from from antiques and theater to comics, movies, and music.  This category includes information about art and artists, and cultural only.  Websites that focus on commercial sales of art or artists' products are typically posted under the appropriate category in the shopping section.

Five interesting facts you could learn by visiting websites in the MWCC Arts & Culture Directory:

  • Edgar Allan Poe, the genius writer of such literary masterpieces as "The Raven" and "The Tell-Tale Heart" died penniless at the age of 40.
  • Ludwig Van Beethovan, widely recognized as the greatest classic composer
    the world has ever seen, composed "Symphony #9" while totally deaf!
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, died at the age of only 35, after being commissioned by a stranger to compose "Requiem Mass" which he misinterpreted as a pronouncement of his own passing.
  • "Psycho," the 1960's Alfred Hitchcock horror classic tops the American Film Institutes list of the top 100 most thrilling American films, while the 1952's classic "Singing in the Rain" tops its list of top 25 musicals of all time.
  • Bartolomeo Cristofori of Italy invested the modern piano.  It is not know exactly when the invention was first made, however, it is widely believed that the first modern piano came on the scenes just before 1700.  The name piano is a shortened form of the Italian name for the instrument, clacicembalo col piano e forte.


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